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Daniel Vargas to present at MSBW3.0

Congratulations to Haynes lab PhD student Daniel Vargas, who has been invited to give a poster presentation at the Third Mammalian Synthetic Biology Workshop (MSBW3.0) at MIT in Boston, MA May 21-21, 2016. He will present the group’s latest work on investigating the dynamics of epigenetic regulation in human cells. Daniel is a second-year graduate student in the Biological Design program. Special thanks to the Western Alliance to Expand Student Opportunities (WAESO) for supporting his travel expenses.

Congratulations Spring 2016 Graduates!

Congratulations to David Barclay, Baylee Murphy, Mara Peterson, and Jan Simper, all graduating seniors who did research in the Haynes lab.

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Haynes lab co-authors Synthetic Biology Text Book

A new educational resource for the growing field of synthetic biology, the “Synthetic Biology Handbook,” has just been released. The chapter on mammalian synthetic biology was co-authored by Dr. Karmella Haynes, SBHSE PhD student Rene Daer, lead editor Darren Nesbeth, Desmond Schofield, Alexander Templar, and Yanika Borg.

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Haynes lab members to present research at UC Berkeley

Several Haynes lab members will present their latest research at the 2016 Synberc Spring Retreat at UC Berkeley March 22-25.

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Jiaqi Wu to Present at IBE 2016

Congratulations to Haynes lab undergraduate researcher Jiaqi Wu, who has been invited to give a poster presentation at the 2016 Institute of Biological Engineering (IBE) Conference in Greenville, SC April 7-9, 2016. Continue reading “Jiaqi Wu to Present at IBE 2016”

Haynes’ News & Views is published in Nature

Dr. Karmella Haynes’ article discussing Chan et al.’s recent work on genetic containment of genetically modified organisms has been published in Nature Chemical Biology, part of the Nature Publishing Group. Continue reading “Haynes’ News & Views is published in Nature”

Haynes to present at Enzymes in Drug Discovery Summit

Dr. Karmella Haynes will present her latest progress in chromatin protein engineering at the GTCbio “Epigenetic Enzymes in Drug Discovery Summit,” which will take place March 1 – 2, 2016 in San Diego, CA. Continue reading “Haynes to present at Enzymes in Drug Discovery Summit”

Nucleosome cores are screws, not cans or bubbles

Each one of your cells is too small to be seen with the naked eye. Remarkably, each one has 6 feet of DNA packed inside a smaller compartment (nucleus) within the cell. Very complicated data has solved this mystery…can the data be presented in an attractive and understandable way? Continue reading “Nucleosome cores are screws, not cans or bubbles”

New Paper in Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Collaborators from the Haynes Lab (ASU, SBHSE), Rege Lab (ASU, SEMTE), and Elmer Lab (Villanova) published our discovery of how drugs that modify epigenetic mechanisms improve the expression of synthetic genes that are delivered into cultured human cells. Dr. Elmer is the first author. Dr. Haynes and Matt Christensen (Rege Lab) used quantitative PCR to discover that drug treatment led to increased uptake of synthetic DNA into the nuclei of cells. Read the abstract online:


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