Year: 2014

News: Building proteins to counteract cancer

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J. Kullman, 11.10.14, ASU Now: Karmella Haynes wants to help the body fight cancer by designing proteins to stop the disease. Haynes, a synthetic biologist at Arizona State University, is leading research to explore the capability of genetically engineered proteins to reactivate tumor suppressors inside body cells to prevent the onset of cancer, or arrest its development.

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GMO Labeling: a (chance for) victory for GMO’s

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Think of the worst thing that the food industry has done with genetically modified foods (GMOs). If you say “sell them at all,” I’d disagree. I enjoy genetically modified foods, and they rely less on pesticides than “organically” grown foods. More on that later. Read the rest of this entry »

Professional bullying: personal comments on the recent assault of Dr. Ore

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Unfortunately, the disingenuous practice of disguising emotion-driven assaults with a veil of rules and laws is widespread, even amongst esteemed protectors, leaders, and professionals. This is what happened recently when a Tempe Police officer exploited his authority and applied excessive force in apprehending ASU Professor Ersula Ore for jay-walking in an area where the street is currently blocked off and there is no through-traffic on May 20, 2014. Read the rest of this entry »

Haynes Receives Grant from Women and Philanthropy

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Getting a grant is extremely exciting, especially for a young PI who has to find support after she has exhausted her start-up funds. In addition to receiving new funding, something else truly amazing happened. My science-communication skills were challenged like they had never been before. Read the rest of this entry »

Making strides in synthetic biology research

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N. Pierce & J. Kullman, 04.15.2013, ASU Full Circle: Arizona State University is beginning to establish its place on the map in the burgeoning field of synthetic biology. Notable strides in research are being made by faculty members and students in the School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering, one of ASU’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. Assistant professor Karmella Haynes was recently the featured speaker on the subject of advances in synthetic biology for the Arizona Science Center’s New Frontiers in Medical Science lecture series.

Read more at ASU Full Circle.

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A Giant Leap for Synthetic Genes

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Science magazine has just published the latest tour de force in building genetic machinery from the ground-up since Mycoplasma laboratorium (“Mycoplasma of the laboratory”).

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Haynes Lab Students to Present Research at UC Berkeley

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Congratulations to the following Haynes Lab students who will present posters at the 2014 Spring Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center (SynBERC) Retreat on March 24 – 26 at UC Berkeley.

  • Rene Davis (PhD student) – “Investigating quorum sensing orthogonality using a modular, Escherichia coli-based platform” Authors: Rene Davis and Karmella A. Haynes
  • David Barclay (Undergrad, FURI) – “Epigenetic engineering of pancreatic cells with DNA-packing actuators and sensors” Authors: David Barclay, Behzad Damadzadeh, and Karmella A. Haynes
  • Matsemela “Zazu” Moloi (Undergrad, SynBERC Scholars Program) – “Teaching Digital PCR with OpenPCR and a Blue Light Fluorimeter” Authors: Matsemela Moloi, Hiram Rivera-Passapera, Kathryn Scheckel, and Karmella A. Haynes