Haynes lab members to present research at UC Berkeley

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Several Haynes lab members will present their latest research at the 2016 Synberc Spring Retreat at UC Berkeley March 22-25.

Attendees include PI’s, students, and staff from Synberc member labs at Harvard, MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and UCSF as well as several other affiliated labs. Dozens of representatives from the biotech industry will also attend. Travel and accommodations are fully supported the NSF Synthetic Biology Research Engineering Center.

David Nyer (Research Technician, SBHSE) will give an oral presentation, “Teaching synthetic transcription factors to read the histone code.”

David Barclay (Undergrad, BME) and Jan Simper (Undergrad, BME) will co-present a poster, “Chromometer: A reporter for epigenetic states in human cells.”

Rene Daer (PhD Student, BDE) will present a poster, “Control of chromatin packaging is an enabling technology for mammalian cell engineering.” The poster will feature recent data from a collaboration with the lab of Dr. Kaushal Rege (SEMTE).

Baylee Murphy (Undergrad, BME)  will present a poster, “Tumor suppressor re-activation and epigenetic age.” She is the recipient of a Synberc Scholars fellowship.



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