Dear students: if you see me at the protest today

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I’ll begin with two key points:

  1. Students who defend diversity and social justice, this professor supports you.
  2. A professor (myself) will be at today’s campus protest. I will not have a sign and I will not be chanting. I will be taking photos. Sometimes protests spark dangerous situations; sometimes people will only act their worst when they think no one of authority is watching.

On November 8, 2016, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. Shortly after, several walk-outs and protests have occurred. Before you assume that people are simply pouting over “not getting their way,” consider that there are many reasons why people protest. Protesting the election result isn’t my reason. As far as I understand, any vote-rigging and election fraud that may have occurred happened as must as has happened in other elections. Fixing these instances would still yield the same outcome.

My motivation to participate is to be on the better side of the international image of the USA. When the message is “we are not Trump” I support that.

A professor from Columbia University published an open letter to his students that I feel echoes my own sentiments and is very inspiring. Please live a wonderful day today with your humanity principles to lead it.


Dr. Karmella Haynes


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