Undergrads – Lab experience: two weeks to one semester

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This opportunity is currently [CLOSED]

If you are an undergraduate who is enrolled at ASU and would like to get exposure to lab research-in-action, apply for a position as an Undergraduate Mentee (UGM). Accepted applicants will be partnered with a knowledgeable lab member (mentor) and will shadow their mentor’s research at the bench. UGM’s who are highly engaged may be invited to help analyze data or even set up and run experiments in molecular cloning, cell culture, gene editing, protein engineering, PCR, etc. depending upon the mentor’s current project. UGM’s may participate for as little as two consecutive weeks or as long as one full semester.

Positions are limited! We review applications during the first two weeks prior to each semester/ session (Fall, Spring, Summer). Applications may be submitted earlier, but will not be reviewed until the Application Review period. This opportunity is intended to provide students with exposure to the Haynes research lab and is not available as course credit, nor is a salary or stipend offered. However, the UGM is a prerequisite for other undergraduate positions such as an Undergraduate Fellow (FURI, SOLUR, CLAS) and course credit.

  • Next Application Review: July 1 – August 31, 2017
  • Next Volunteer Session: Fall session (August – December 2017)
  • EH&S Safety Training Requirements: Lab Safety*, Fire Safety*, Biosafety & Bloodborne Pathogens*, Hazardous Waste*, Gas Cylinders (online), and Autoclave (*must have taken initial or refresher within the past 12 months). Visit the EH&S Training website to enroll in the online courses.
  • Application: Please complete the UGM Interest Survey here. Please do not send a cv, resume, or transcript.

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