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Text Book – Synthetic Biology Handbook

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A new educational resource for the growing field of synthetic biology, the “Synthetic Biology Handbook,” has just been released. The chapter on mammalian synthetic biology was co-authored by Dr. Karmella Haynes, SBHSE PhD student Rene Daer, lead editor Darren Nesbeth, Desmond Schofield, Alexander Templar, and Yanika Borg.

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News & Views – Nature – Synthetic biology: Building genetic containment

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Dr. Karmella Haynes’ article discussing Chan et al.’s recent work on genetic containment of genetically modified organisms has been published in Nature Chemical Biology, part of the Nature Publishing Group. Read the rest of this entry »

A Biological Parts Repository journey

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I’m heading back to ASU from a very mind-expanding week of leadership training, a very generous  investment in the future of synthetic biology hosted by the Sloan Foundation, NSF, SynBERC, The BioBricks Foundation, and the Woodrow Wilson Center. Twenty  emerging leaders of synthetic biology were invited to propose and develop strategic action plans [1] to advance synthetic biology in the public interest. The speakers were amazing and inspiring. I feel both fired up and focused.

This blog post marks the beginning of my synthetic biology community project, a parts registry that captures the community’s activities related to every biological part that lives in the database. I plan to draw framework structures from the big biology databases, dynamic crowd-sourced editing sites, and even social networking sites. The project will start as a series of micro-experiments where I ask the community to report their experience with a biological part or a protocol.

The repository I envision has no official name yet. But as I typed the title of this post, Biological Parts Repository or “BPR”; seemed to have potential…beeper? The acronym is short, and can be pronounced as a word that ends in a sound that makes it work as a verb (I beepered the promoter we ran those measurements on). #GuyKawasaki

  1. Haynes KA. Incentive-driven information sharing for engineering biology. http://synbioleap.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/incentive-driven-information-sharing-for-engineering-biology.pdf